The Colorado Supreme Court was established by the Constitution of the State of Colorado and is comprised of seven justices.  The Supreme Court is responsible for all courts in Colorado and exercises supervisory and appellate jurisdiction.  The Court establishes the rules governing appeals from the lower courts.

Appeals from District Court judgments may be made directly to the Supreme Court, but are usually made first to the Court of Appeals. Requests for review by the Supreme Court are by petition for writ of certiorari and must be filed within 42 days from entry of judgment in the District Court.

Appeals from judgments of the Court of Appeals are usually made by petition for writ of certiorari and must be filed within 42 days of the issuance of opinion by the Court of Appeals, with the exception of workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance cases which must be filed within 28 days.

Whether the Supreme Court grants the petition and hears the case is solely within the Court’s discretion.

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