Practice Areas

Divorce & Custody – Domestic Relations Attorneys:  Martin Law Firm provides experienced, aggressive, and personalized representation in Colorado divorce, separation, custody, child support and related family law matters within the Colorado counties of Adams, Jefferson, Broomfield, Denver, Boulder, Arapahoe, Douglas and Elbert.

Child Support Lawyers:  Martin Law Firm regularly assists parents in Colorado child support matters, including the calculation of a just and appropriate amount of support due, modifying support when circumstances change and litigating disputes over the amount owed and related support obligations and entitlements.

Father’s Rights Advocates:  Legal counsel is particularly sensitive to the needs and concerns of fathers in Colorado custody disputes.  The attorneys at Martin Law Firm are experienced with and regularly take on cases involving parental alienation, false abuse allegations, denial of parenting time or visitation, custodial parent requests to move the children out of state, and kids wanting to divorce their parents.

Paternity:  Representation is available from before birth through determination of paternity, name change, child support, custody and visitation.  Martin Law Firm will help you get started on the road to being a great father.

Dependency & Neglect:  Knowledgeable assistance and defense provided in those instances when social services takes your children or the other parent alleges you are a danger to your children.

Grandparent Rights:  Contact with extended family members are important to children.  Parental divorce or separation may result in the grandparents on the non-custodial parent side of the family being distanced and having to fight to see their grandchildren.  Counsel is given on how to regain or maintain a relationship with your grand kids.

Enforcement of Parental Rights:  As a parent, you have both a fundamental right and a responsibility to be there for your children.  Those parental rights, however, often come under attack and can be undermined or lost if you do not stand up and fight.  Martin Law Firm’s attorneys help parents fight for and keep their parental relationship with their children.

Appeals:  Preparation and prosecution or defense of an appeal relating to Colorado domestic relations issues, child support, maintenance, parenting time, and custody or decision-making responsibilities.

Wills & Estates — Guardianship:  Estate Planning assistance; will preparation and representation in estate and guardianship/conservator proceedings.

Criminal Defense Counsel:  Divorces can get very nasty.  Cases accepted by Martin Law Firm include representation from the time of initial police investigation through trial by the judge or jury.  Criminal matters handled by Martin Law Firm include, but are not limited to:  Domestic Violence, Assaults, Restraining Order Violation and Contempt of Court.