Consultation Options & Information

Initial consultations include:  Reviewing court documents and meeting with an attorney to discuss and analyze your legal situation at a reduced fee.  Insight into the legal process and advise is given regarding your options and recommended course of action.  Scope of further legal assistance, if needed, will be discussed during the initial consultation.  Consultations are available only for Colorado legal cases.

Office Meeting: If you are in the Denver Metro area, an office consultation may be scheduled by phone or email. Please arrive for the scheduled consultation 15 minutes in advance and bring copies of all relevant court documents with you. The attorney meeting with you will want to review the legal papers in advance of the meeting. Please complete the online consultation intake form prior to the office appointment.

VideoConferencing: If you are unable to come into the office for an in-person meeting to discuss your legal concerns and questions, an attorney at Martin Law Firm will consult with you via secure, encrypted, video conference. All you need is a web browser and internet connection. Using the web browser, we can securely exchange documents and assist you in drafting legal papers.

Phone Consultation: An alternative to videoconference is a consultation by phone. Legal documents and court papers relating to your case should be mailed or faxed to the Firm in advance of the conference.