Professional Services:

Attorney, paralegal, legal assistant and other professional fees are charged in one-tenth of an hour increments based upon the professional’s regular rate in hourly billing cases.  In flat fee cases, the actual amount of the hourly fee may vary depending upon the time needed to complete the matter for which retained.

Brief Phone or Email Conferrals, Consultations & Limited Legal Advise:

Brief initial consultations or conferrals by telephone or email involving analysis of your situation, responding to legal questions you may have or providing legal advise are charged at the rate of $200 per hour in 1/10th of an hour increments during the initial hour and at the attorney’s regular rate thereafter.  Credit card payment is required at the time of the conferral or consultation.

Initial Office, Video Conference or Telephone Consultation Fees:

The Firm provides an initial office consultation with a licensed attorney at a flat fee of $200 for up to 90 minutes.  Phone or video consultations are provided for people outside of the Denver Metro area for a flat fee of $100 for up to 45 minutes.  Additional time required during the initial consultation is charged at the rate of $200 per hour.  Time spent with the attorney after the initial consultation is charged at the attorney’s regular hourly rate.

Flat Fees:

Flat fee engagements are available in some cases and should be discussed with the attorney.  Flat fee cases are typically paid in advance.

Contingency Cases:

The Firm does accept cases on a contingency fee basis in limited circumstances.  Domestic relations and criminal defense cases cannot be undertaken on a contingency basis.

Extended Consultation, Limited Representation and Retainer Agreements:

The client and the attorney sign a Retainer Agreement — a written engagement contract — at the time the Firm accepts or agrees to provide ongoing consultation, limited representation or full representation in the case.  The Retainer Agreement sets forth the nature of the case undertaken or assistance to be provided, and the terms of representation, fees and expenses to be charged and payment terms.

Retainer Fees:

In hourly fee billing cases, clients are required to pay an agreed amount as a retainer fee prior to their case being accepted or a commitment is made by the Firm to provide ongoing services.  The amount of the retainer fee varies by type of case and expected difficulty.  In many cases the initial retainer is between $1,500 and $2,500.  The amount of the required retainer is discussed by the attorney with the client prior to undertaking representation and is set forth in the Retainer Agreement if the case is accepted.  The purpose of the retainer is to secure the Firm’s commitment to accepting and handling the client’s case and to provide a fund from which the client’s anticipated fees and expenses may be paid.  It is held in a client trust account and drawn upon to pay for services and expenses as the client incurs them during the course of representation or provision of services.  Clients are required to keep a minimum balance in the retainer fund to cover ongoing fees and costs.


Clients may incur charges for both internal and external expenses.  Internal expenses include postage, photocopies and similar items provided by the Firm.  External expenses are those costs incurred by the Firm, for which reimbursement by the client is expected, that include court filing fees, process server charges, stenographer fees, and other costs incurred or advanced by the Firm on the client’s behalf.

Billing Statements:

The Firm issues statements on a monthly basis detailing the services provided and expenses incurred during the month.  Payment of any balance remaining after the retainer fee is exhausted is due in full within ten (10) days unless other arrangements are made.  Payment plans are available in certain cases upon credit approval.