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You are the father of your child and he needs you to be there to love him, to guide him, to care for him and to show him that he matters to you.  You are a parent.  It is not always easy.  It is not always fun.  But, it is your right as well as your responsibility to raise your child and teach him, or her, your values, dreams and way of life.

The US Supreme Court has declared that the right to parent your child is “fundamental” — a basic right under the US Constitution that must be protected.  It is also a natural right — and a duty; a responsibility.  States cannot take away your parental rights without good cause and substantial justification.

States have a duty to protect their citizens and will intervene if a child is not being taken care of under a doctrine known as parens patriae. The doctrine stands for the proposition that the State is the Father of its citizens and has both the right and the duty to intervene if its citizens are unable to take care of themselves.

You are the father of your child and have both the fundamental right and the duty to raise and parent your child.

Your child is a part of you.  You have the right to give him your family name.  You have the right to feed him, clothe him, educate him, teach him your values and to be self-supporting so someday he can provide for his own family.  You are a role model to your child and he looks up to you and will follow in your footsteps.

His mother also has those rights and responsibilities.

When you and your child’s mother are raising your family together, you share the responsibilities.  Perhaps not equally, as you both are different, but each of you contribute and divide the care-taking responsibilities.  When you and your child’s mother separate, then you must stand up and learn how to provide for all of your child’s needs independently.  This is not always easy.  Father’s typically want to continue sharing the child raising responsibilities with the mother; Mother’s frequently take the position that the child is theirs and that they know best.

There is tension between the parents on who should be the leader, who should be the “boss”.  Sometimes this turns into a nasty, ugly, fight — a struggle for power, for control over the child.

You are the Father.  You cannot simply leave and walk away: your child is a part of you.  Your child loves and needs you.  You are important.

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