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Martin Law Firm specializes in helping fathers in family law cases and are Colorado Fathers Rights Attorneys.  Martin Law Firm advocates and fights for the interests and rights of fathers in divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, and parental responsibility matters in the Denver Colorado metro area.

We Believe Fathers Are Important to their Children and Must be Active and Involved in their Upbringing

Fathers are important.  Fathers are parents and their children need them in their lives.  Not just for financial support — Fathers are not just a paycheck.  Children need their fathers for emotional support, guidance, education, physical care-taking, role modeling and, sometimes, just to be there and care about them.  When parents separate, fathers frequently must fight to remain a part of their children’s lives — a significant and meaningful part.  Martin Law Firm can help.

The founder of Martin Law Firm, Brett W. Martin, Esq., is licensed to practice law in New York and Colorado and is the sole shareholder and managing attorney of Martin Law Firm.  Brett is an advocate of fathers wanting to be actively involved with the parenting of their children and is a Father’s Rights Attorney.  He is a grandfather and has four children of his own.   Brett has personally experienced the heartbreak of divorce and family breakup and formed the firm in 1996 to provide dedicated, quality and professional representation to fathers involved in custody and visitation or parenting disputes.  Contact Brett for further information and assistance.

This site provides information and guidance to fathers facing or going through divorce, child custody, visitation, paternity, child support and related family law legal proceedings in Colorado.  Martin Law Firm understands that, for many fathers, having to fight for their children is one of the hardest, if not the worst, time in their lives.  Martin Law Firm helps fathers get through this difficult time.

Information and Resources for Fathers

Father’s Rights Groups:  Fathers Rights and Shared Parenting organizations can provide fellowship, emotional support and guidance on navigating the family court system.  These groups can be a great resource to fathers facing divorce, child custody or visitation dispute.  Links to groups, their addresses and websites are provided by state.

Self-Help:  A list of Colorado, Federal and Parenting Education websites is provided — the information on these sites can be used to help you prepare and present your own case in court.  In particular, the Colorado Supreme Court’s website provides forms that can be used in family law cases and general information on what is involved in domestic relations proceedings.

Divorce Process:  General outline and explanation is given of the typical steps in a divorce or dissolution of marriage case in Colorado, including post-decree modification and enforcement proceedings.

Child Custody and Visitation:  A discussion of the considerations and processes involved in forming a parenting plan for your children following separation or divorce.

Child Support Issues:  An explanation of how child support is determined in Colorado, modifying the amount of support, guidelines used by the courts to calculate child support and related financial issues and concerns.

Enforcing Parenting Rights:  How to enforce your parental rights in Colorado.  What to do when your parenting time is denied.  A discussion of possible legal remedies.

Relocation — Leaving State:  Options and discussion regarding when the other parent wants to take your child and move away.  Legal considerations involved.

Parental Alienation — PAS:  An explanation of Parental Alienation and Parental Alienation Syndrome: when the other parent tries to turn your child against you and what to do to protect your parental rights and relationship with your child.

Legal Assistance:  Martin Law Firm provides legal assistance to fathers and fights for the right of fathers to parent their children and the children’s right to have a father in their lives.  Legal assistance can be provided in alternative forms and at different levels of professional service.  Representation is currently accepted on behalf of fathers in all areas of Colorado family, domestic, divorce, child custody, visitation, paternity, child support and juvenile law.  In addition to representing fathers in Colorado divorce and child custody matters, Martin Law Firm is experienced and can also help with restraining orders, stepparent adoptions, criminal defense and dependency and neglect proceedings.

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