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Divorce — Dissolution of Marriage

Divorce not only means the legal end of the marital relationship, but also the need to make many financial adjustments and parenting role changes.  The firm regularly represents fathers in contested Colorado dissolution of marriage proceedings and specializes in helping men navigate the process to obtain just and fair results.

Child Support & Maintenance

One of the many changes brought about by divorce is the financial burden of paying child support and alimony or maintenance to the former spouse.  Although the laws are supposed to be gender neutral, men typically end up paying the bulk of the support.  There are a number of reasons for the financial bias.  The attorneys at Martin Law Firm are experienced in analyzing the legal and financial variables involved and fighting for what is appropriate.  If there are claimed arrears in support, the firm investigates the claim and, if support is owed, helps negotiate payment terms.

Separation Agreements & Property Division

Many times a divorce case is resolved though an agreement between the parties regarding the division of marital property, payment of debt, and parenting of the children.  The firm represents fathers in the negotiation of the Separation Agreement that will become the final order in the divorce case.  Counsel is provided regarding the terms of the proposed agreement and legal rights and options are explained.  If the proposed deal is not fair or acceptable to the client, the attorneys at Martin Law Firm will take the matter to trial.

Child Custody — Parental Responsibility

The majority of cases accepted by the firm involve a dispute over the custody of the children following divorce or separation.  Although the court is not supposed to presume one parent better than the other, reality is that fathers often must fight to stay involved with the parenting of their children.  The firm’s attorneys strongly believe that children deserve to have the love and care of both of their parents.  Fathers are counseled on how to remain an active part of their children’s lives and not be relegated to the status of visiting parent.  Lawyers of Martin Law Firm regularly appear in court with fathers to fight for their rights and responsibilities as parents.

Visitation — Parenting Time Disputes & Enforcement

Martin Law Firm rejects the notion that father’s should only “visit” their chidlren.  As a matter of principle, the firm pursues the children’s right to have their father be an active, involved and important parent in their lives.  Children are much better off when they have the love and care of both parents and the firm’s attorneys fight for the father’s right of equal access and parenting time.  If parenting time is denied, Martin Law Firm will undertake enforcement.  Enforcement may include prosecution of a contempt proceeding, modification of the court’s prior orders or, in appropriate cases, a civil suit for damages.