As a parent, you have the basic, natural, common law right to raise and parent your children.  These are the starting point rights of both parents; they are fundamental.  Once you separate from the other parent and request the family court to determine and define your parenting rights as compared to those of the other parent (father versus mother), the resulting orders will define what rights, and obligations, each parent has toward the other and with respect to their children. Those rights are defined, sometimes clearly and othertimes vaguely, and may be enforced by court order.

You cannot, however, just assume that the other parent will respect and honor the rights you have for parenting time (visitation) or in deciding important matters for your children (decision-making).  As a parent, your ideas and beliefs regarding your children may, and typically do, conflict with those held by the other parent. You must speak up to be heard; you must insist on spending time with your children or be without. Sometimes you must stand up and fight for your rights or you will lose them. Martin Law Firm will help you fight for, and take action to preserve and enforce your parental rights.

Representative Services

Legal Counsel and Representation in Negotiations, Mediations or Actions to Clarify,
Further Define or Modify Parental Rights Orders

(vague or unclear parental responsibility orders are difficult to enforce)

Contempt Proceedings for Denial of Parenting Time (Visitation)
or Violation of Decision-Making (Custody) Orders

(prosecution of civil contempt motions and defense of those wrongfully accused)

Litigation of Motions to Enforce Parenting Time Orders

Civil Lawsuits for Denial or Interference with Parental Rights — Tort Litigation

The information provided above is general in nature, is not intended as legal advice for your particular situation and should not be relied upon without first consulting with legal counsel.  Martin Law Firm provides legal representation in parental rights enforcement matters in the Denver, Colorado, metro area and will tailor its services to your particular needs and unique circumstances.