Brett W. Martin, Esq.

Shareholder & Managing Attorney

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Brett W. Martin, Esq.

Brett W. Martin, Esq.

Brett W. Martin, Esq., is the managing attorney of Martin Law Firm.  Mr. Martin is experienced in all areas of Colorado family and domestic relations law.

Mr. Martin, a U.S. Army Veteran, obtained his M.B.A. (1981) emphasizing finance and accounting and his J.D. (1982) degrees from Syracuse University.  Mr. Martin practiced in New York until his move to Colorado in 1989.

In his New York practice, Mr. Martin analyzed the asset and debt structures of businesses, developed financial plans and successfully negotiated and litigated the restructure and reorganization of businesses under Chapters 11 and 12 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Following his divorce in 1985, Mr. Martin formed the Denver, Colorado, firm of Brett W. Martin, P.C. specializing in representing fathers involved in parental alienation, divorce, custody and child support financial litigation.  Brett W. Martin, P.C. is known today by its registered business trade name of Martin Law Firm.

Mr. Martin is both a father and a proud grandfather.  He is an avid gardener and fisherman.  He enjoys a challenge and regularly undertakes complicated IT issues.  Mr. Martin promotes shared parenting and advocates for father’s rights in family matters.

Mr. Martin’s practice centers on the financial and child custody aspects of divorce proceedings.  His cases have involved investigating and analyzing business and personal assets and incomes – for both high net worth and modest means clients.  His expertise includes analysis of business income and expenses, retirement and investment accounts, marital waste and hidden assets, and other financial issues involved in division of property, allocation of debt and the determination of maintenance and child support.  He has litigated countless divorce and child custody cases with significant financial issues. He has litigated numerous cases involving relocation or move away petitions, parental alienation, protection order, allegations of child or spousal abuse, and post decree modification and change of custody proceedings.  In addition to trial work, Mr. Martin has successfully undertaken family law appeals, both from magistrate orders and district judge orders to the Colorado Court of Appeals.


Jonathan M. Ogline, Esq.

Associate Family Law Attorney

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Jonathan M. Ogline, Esq., is an associate family law attorney with Martin Law Firm — he is a professional poker-player turned lawyer, an Eagle Scout and avid skier.  Mr. Ogline spends much of his free time in Colorado’s mountains, when not developing techniques to use playing Texas Hold’em.  He formerly was a competitor in Duke’s NCAA Division 1 Track and Cross Country teams in North Carolina.

Mr. Ogline has been a law clerk in the Denver District Court and has varied experiences as a family law attorney in Denver area law firms.  He joined Martin Law Firm in July 2017 and assists Mr. Martin in litigating divorce and child custody cases.

He obtained his law degree from University of Colorado in 2013 and his bachelor’s degree from Duke University in 2006.