Martin Law Firm specializes in father’s rights, family law, domestic relations, divorce, child support and custody.  The Firm is located northeast of the intersection of Wadsworth Parkway and 108th Avenue in Westminster, Colorado.  Firm location map.

Brett W. Martin, Esq., founded the Firm in 1996 to provide legal services for fathers in child custody disputes within the Denver Metro area.  Brett, having been through divorce, advocates for quality, professional and persistent representation of a father’s interests and concerns.  Martin Law Firm fights for the right of children to have their father in their life.

This website contains information that will hopefully help fathers gain insight into Colorado Family law and related resources on the internet.  The site does not contain testimonials or other material aimed at solely at promoting Martin Law Firm.  If the reader is interested in obtaining the services of a firm whose website spends most of its time promoting its lawyers and telling war stories, they are easy to find by doing a Google search for “father’s rights”.  This is called marketing.

Martin Law Firm has focused on helping and representing dads in divorce and custody cases since 1996.  If the reader would like to discuss their particular case with one of the Firm’s attorneys, complete and submit the “Contact Us” form found on every page.  Consultations are given at reduced rates.  Consults are not free; we take the time to get to know you, your concerns, your legal situation and discuss your rights and options.  We prepare for the initial meeting in advance.  If we can help, we will discuss legal services available.  If we are not able to assist, then we will tell you and refer you to someone, or make suggestions that might help.  You may not always like the advise given, but we try to give it to you straight based upon our experience and knowledge of the legal system.

Cases handled by Martin Law Firm frequently involve the topics listed below.  Click on the topic area to be taken to the page on the site that contains more information and detail.


Child Support

Custody and Parenting Time

Moving out of State – Relocation

Parental Alienation

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