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Martin Law Firm is the business name of Brett W. Martin, P.C., a Colorado Professional Corporation specializing in helping fathers in the areas of parental alienation, paternity, divorce, custody law, child support, domestic relations, father’s rights, family, visitation, juvenile and criminal law within the Denver-Boulder metro area and the Colorado Front Range.  The Firm’s offices are located at 11005 Dover Street, Suite 100 – 200, Westminster, Colorado.

Parental Alienation

Before the separation, father had a close and loving relationship with his two daughters.  Within months after the separation, the girls refused to visit their father and accused him of being mean to them.  Mother refuses to insist that the girls see their father if they do not want to.  Father’s former close and loving relationship with his daughters is gone.  Father has become alienated from the girls.  Mother says it is because father did something to the girls.  Otherwise, mother argues, the girls would want to spend time with him.  Mother says that it is father’s problem and it is his responsibility to make it right — it is a matter between the girls and their father. Mother claims that she encourages the girls to spend time with their father, but she cannot make them if they do not want to.  The girls are defiant and ignore their father’s pleas.  Father doesn’t know what to do.  Father says he did nothing to harm the girls.  The judge is skeptical: logically, the girls would not be acting this way unless father did something to them; the court “errs on the side of caution” and orders counseling.  The counselors become advocates for the children, assume that father is in the wrong and conclude that he must get therapy and learn how to be a good parent.  An investigator is likely to be appointed.  Meanwhile, the children continue in mother’s sole care and control.  (Story to be continued …)

The situation described above is not uncommon in parental alienation cases.  Learn more about parental alienation.

Fathers Matter

The primary focus of Martin Law Firm is the advancement of Father’s Rights through representation of Colorado fathers in parental alienation, divorce, paternity, child custody, visitation and family law cases.  The founder of the firm and managing attorney, Brett W. Martin, Esq., believes in the importance of fathers in their children’s lives and actively promotes the interests and concerns of fathers in Colorado domestic and family law litigation.  This is a small firm, and personal attention is given to fathers to help and guide them through what for many is a very difficult, if not the worst, time in their lives — fighting to be acknowledged and heard as a parent.

Views expressed in this site are mainly from a father’s perspective.  The perspective is that of the firm’s founder and reflects the views of a father having been through divorce, a business owner and that of an attorney litigating custody law matters on a regular basis.  None of the views and comments expressed should be taken as legal advice and the reader is cautioned that every case is different, and that the facts and circumstances often control the outcome.  The firm’s Father’s Rights lawyers should be consulted about your particular matter.

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