Martin Law Firm specializes in helping fathers in child custody cases and fighting against parental alienation.

Services provided by Martin Law Firm are limited to consultation by phone or email.  No new cases are being accepted. Consultation fees are $200 for up to one hour, prepaid.

This website contains information on divorce, child custody and support cases in Colorado.  Click on the “Pages” link to explore the available family law topics.  The views expressed are mainly from a father’s perspective.  The perspective is that of the firm’s founder and reflects the views of a father having been through divorce, who has experienced being the target of parental alienation and, as a litigating attorney, has represented and fought for fathers in numerous Colorado family law cases since 1996.

None of the views and comments expressed should be taken as legal advice and the reader is cautioned that every case is different, and that the facts and circumstances often control the outcome.