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Martin Law Firm specializes in helping fathers in child custody cases.  The Firm has advanced training in parental alienation and accepts paternity, divorce, child support, domestic relations, father’s rights, family, visitation and juvenile matters within the Denver-Boulder metro area and the Colorado Front Range.

Fathers Matter

The primary focus of Martin Law Firm is the advancement of Father’s Rights through representation of Colorado fathers in parental alienation, divorce, paternity, child custody, visitation, child support and family law cases.  The founder of the firm and managing attorney, Brett W. Martin, Esq., believes in the importance of fathers in their children’s lives and actively promotes the interests and concerns of fathers in Colorado domestic and family law litigation.  This is a small firm, and personal attention is given to fathers to help and guide them through what for many is a very difficult, if not the worst, time in their lives — fighting to be acknowledged and heard as a parent.

Views expressed in this site are mainly from a father’s perspective.  The perspective is that of the firm’s founder and reflects the views of a father having been through divorce, parental alienation and that of an attorney litigating custody law matters on a regular basis.  None of the views and comments expressed should be taken as legal advice and the reader is cautioned that every case is different, and that the facts and circumstances often control the outcome.  The firm’s Father’s Rights lawyers should be consulted about your particular matter.

Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation is a tactic used by one parent, the favored or alienating parent, to undermine or destroy the child’s love, attachment and relationship with the other parent, the target parent.  It is psychological child abuse and a form of domestic violence.

Martin Law Firm attorneys have received specialized advanced training in identifying and litigating parental alienation.  Our attorneys are experienced litigators and have represented a number of parents who are or have been the target of parental alienation.  It is heartbreaking.  We are able to help.  Schedule a consultation today for review of your situation and to get help fighting against the loss and alienation of your children.

Custody & Child Support

Martin Law Firm has represented numerous fathers in custody and child support matters in the Denver Metro area since 1996.  Cases accepted include both the establishment and modification of parental responsibility (custody) orders and support.  For more information on Colorado custody and support law, visit the Divorce, Custody and Support pages or schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.  Martin Law Firm is ready to assist in your family law case.

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